A Summary of Glass Types and Terms

Glass Shading

Many types of vehicle windshields and glass can be shaded, or tinted, certain colours when manufactured.  This is due to different UV treatments, or heat-reflection characteristics.  Many of the windshields we sell have shading to them, so please check your existing windshield before ordering.  You can check if your existing windshield is shaded by holding a piece of white paper behind it.

Upper Shading

Some windshields we sell have upper shading to them.  This is the strip across the top of the glass, that is most commonly green, blue, grey or bronze.  This upper shade helps to reduce sun glare and reflections coming through the upper portion of the windshield.

Here are some examples of the different upper shading that windshields can come with:


Windshield Shading



All the windshields we sell are stamped with applicable compliancy standards from the manufacturing facility:

Windshield Compliancy Types

Terms Glossary


Glass Terms



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